Hybribio’s flow-through hybridization technology was awarded the 18th WIPO-SIPO joint China Patent Gold Medal


  December 26, 2016, Hybribio flow-through hybridization technology, among other 20 leading enterprises including Sinopec and Huawei, was awarded the 18th WIPO-SIPO joint China Patent Gold Medal, the only molecular diagnostic enterprise this year to receive this award.

  This honor acknowledges Hybribio’s continued effort in creating social and economic value through better health care. Our flow-through hybridization platform along with HPV diagnostic kit series has prevented hundreds and thousands of women from developing cervical cancer, a major malignancy in women health, particularly in less developed world. In recent years, based on this award-wining hybridization platform, we have developed a broad range of molecular diagnostic kits in areas of infectious disease prevention, prenatal and neonatal testing such as STDs, Hearing Loss testing, and Thalassemia diagnostic kits.

  We appreciation WIPO-SIPO recognition, and will reinforce our continued commitment in biotechnological innovation and application for the betterment of healthcare and disease prevention via molecular in-vitro diagnostics.