An Inherited Autosomal Recessive Blood Disorder

Thalassemia is a common hereditary blood disease caused by a genetic defect of either mutation or deletion on the globin genes. It is resulted as an imbalance production of globin chains for making hemoglobin.

Thalassemia is categorized into 2 major forms: Alpha (α) and Beta (β) thalassemia.
α-thalassemia is due to the deficiency of the α globin chains encoded by 2 genes on chromosome 16.
β-thalassemia is due to the deficiency of β globin chains encoded by a single gene on chromosome 11.

Hybribio Thalassemia Gene Diagnostic Kit provides an ‘All-In-One’ platform for screening of BOTH alpha and beta thalassemia with detailed information of diagnosis in terms of heterozygosity and homozygosity for all positive results.

Thalassemia Gene Diagnostic Kit

Thalassemia gene Diagnostic kit
All-in-one test kit for α and β thalassemia diagnosis
3 α-Thalassemia deletions, 2 α-Thalassemia mutations &
16 β-Thalassemia mutations