DNA Prep Kit (HBDP)

Cost-effective 3 in 1 DNA extraction kit

DNA Prep Kit


–          Easy to operate

–          High Purity of extracted DNA

–          Cost effective

–          Extracted DNA is capable for the use in Hybribio’s GenoArray Diagnostic Kit series and Real-time PCR Kit Series


Sample type

–          Urine

–          Whole blood (with anti-coagulant)

–          Biopsy


Test Principle

DNA was released from the samples by using silica spin column DNA purification



Reference code : HBDP
No. of Tests per kit : 30
Equipment required : Electronic Hot Bath / Hot Water Bath, Vortexer, Ultraviolet Spectrophotometer (optional)
Sample volume required : 200ul whole blood; 15ml urine
Storage temperature : 2-8℃
Extracted DNA concentration : should be ≥1µg
OD260/280 ratio : should be between 1.6-2.0